Publication Numero Uno

Hey dudes (and those aligning with a non-dude lifestyle)! One of my (seemingly endless) pantoums appears in the inaugural issue of Wicked Banshee! Wicked Banshee, for the record, is an absolute gem of a new journal featuring all-women writers. I have the honor of appearing alongside some badass women, many of whom I’m lucky enough to call friends. I hope you enjoy the whole damn thing!

Good news, everyone!

Two of my poems have been picked up by Subterranean Quarterly! I’m very excited about spring 2014 right now. I’ll post all of these poems as soon as they go live!

Exciting /news/ so far.

I know I posted about this on the last incarnation of this blog, but my work is currently forthcoming in The Emerson Review, Ghost House Review, Wicked Banshee, and The Open Field. I’m incredibly grateful and excited, and decided that this should be here. 

New everything.

Hey, nobody! I got rid of the old blog and started anew for a variety of reasons. Here’s hoping I end up attracting some followers again.